Sharry Maan Biography

Sharry Maan

Swiftly becoming one of the most talked about names in the Punjabi music industry, Sharry Maan took the opportunities of the internet and Youtube to new heights in 2010. Sharry Maan first came to light after his tracks were leaked via the web namely ‘Kudiyan Te Bussan’ which attracted a lot of attention.

His step to stardom took place a few months ago when he released his first produced single ‘Yaar Anmulle’. This was all to unparalleled success even in comparison to Asian music releases from the UK & North America within the same period.

The track received attention from all corners of the globe with many viewers connecting with the subject of the track; reminiscent of student life, youth and friendship. To date the track has received just over 900,000 hits, a tremendous achievement when it was released in August 2010!

Till then he remained unsigned, however inevitably he was approached by Ruby & Dinesh of Speed Records to release an album including his smash hit tracks. The album titled ‘Yaar Anmulle’ is accompanied by a touching video for the title track produced by director of the moment Rimpy Prince.

The album itself has released in India, although we are unaware of any UK or North America release, it is likely he will be snapped up by sister label Moviebox/Kamlee Records.