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Sejal SharmaFresh Bollywood Actress Sejal Sharma

22 year old Punjabi girl Sejal Sharma came to Mumbai two years ago to fulfil her long cherished Bollywood dream. Though she hasn’t yet signed any Hindi film, she has already done two films down south, B Group and Nizanga Nenena, which are waiting to be released after IPL, 2011. While she tries her luck in Bollywood let know about little more about Sejal Sharma.

When Sejal Sharma did her first photo shoot, she then first time realized that she should work with movies in Bollywood. Sejal Sharma is too much interested to do the romantic films in Bollywood.

One actor Sejal Sharma would want to go on a date with… Shajid Kapoor.
Being sexy to Sejal Sharma means… Looking so hot and attractive, that guys should say, ‘wow so hot’.

The best compliment Sejal Sharma has received from a guy…
A reputed producer from industry always tells her that I am dream girl.

If someone acts fresh with Sejal Sharma…
She will avoid him.

What was her first casting couch experience like?
“Most of the time, people try to flirt with me because I am very attractive, but I just ignore them.” Sejal Sharma told.

Who’s the most overrated hot Bollywood heroine, according to Sejal Sharma?
Kareena Kapoor.

Sejal Sharma’s last date that ended in a mess…
I am single and waiting for Shajid Kapoor to take me out on my first date.

One Bollywood director Sejal Sharma would do anything to work with…
Aditya Chopra.

One Bollywood hero she’d like to marry…
Shajid Kapoor.

When do we see her on the big screen?
In June 2011.