Jazzy B Maharajas

Jazzy B Maharajas CD Cover

Jazzy B Maharajas CD Cover

All Songs Listing

  1. Hukam – Jazzy B feat. Kuldeep Manak
  2. Maharajas – Jazzy B
  3. Peengh – Jazzy B feat. Kuldeep Manak
  4. Nakhro – Jazzy B
  5. Karpana – Jazzy B feat. Kuldeep Manak
  6. Surrey – Jazzy B
  7. Suchha – Jazzy B feat. Kuldeep Manak
  8. Maa – Jazzy B
  9. Rabb – Jazzy B feat. Kuldeep Manak, Yudhveer Manak
  10. Teer – Jazzy B
  11. Patka – Jazzy B feat. Kuldeep Manak
  12. Rang – Jazzy B feat. Hard Kaur

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Jazzy B Maharajas Promo

Jazzy B Maharajas Teaser Video in HD by Speed Records

Maharajas Songs Details

  • Artists: Jazzy B, Ustad Kuldeep Manak and Yudhveer Manak
  • Producer: Ruby/Dinesh
  • Lyrics: Jandu Litranwala
  • Music: Sukshinder Shinda
  • Director: Rimpy Price
  • Song Title: Maharajas

Previous News About Jazzy B Maharajas Album


Jazzy B Maharaja’s New Album with Kuldeep Manak and Yudhveer Manak

There is another great news for the fans of Jazzy B and Punjabi music lovers, Jazzy B announced the Name of his new album of year 2011. On July 14, 2011 Jazzy B posted the name of new album on the wall of his official Facebook page and that is “Maharaja’s”. Along with the first look poster, see on top. Here are the words how Jazzy B wrote about the name of Maharaja’s album…

thanx to all my fans……tuhdade wallo nawi album lai bahut sare khoobsurat naam bheje gaye …sarea da teh dillo dhanwad….ehna vicho nawi album da naam rakhiya giya ..Maharaja’s……releasing on 10th sep. all over the world……umeed hai tusi pehla naalo v vadh piyar dewoge….luv u all….jb

Since the news was coming from the officials of Jazzy B that he is going to release the new album with the help of Kuldeep Manak and Yudhveer Manak. Yudhveer Manak was recently recovered from critical health issues due to overdose of some kind of drug. The treatment of Yudhveer Manak was so expensive that Jazzy B comes ahead to help Manak family. On the other hand Jazzy B fans was waiting very eagerly. So I request to everyone please buy one CD per person, this will help to work more efficient and greatly for this great artist, Jazzy Bains. Details of Maharaja’s Album

  • Album Title: Maharaja’s
  • Singer: Jazzy B, Kuldeep Manak and Yudhveer Manak
  • Music: Sukshinder Shinda
  • Release Date: 10 September, 2011.