Gippy Grewal Biography

Gippy Grewal

Gippy Grewal is one of the best recent Punjabi singers. The real name of Gippy Grewal is Rupinder Singh Grewal. He was born in village Koom Kallan, Ludhiana, Punjab on January 2, 1982. Gippy Grewal blows things off with some phat beats, traditional lyrics, and his Desi voice. Gippy Grewal is a singer who transcends stereotype; the musical tastes that are reflected in his music know no boundaries or succumb to any genre.

Gippy Grewal has carefully developed a diver and successful musical career since his induction to the world of Bhangra by his first album called “Chakk Lai”. Gippy has proven his extraordinary talents to be musical. Gippy Grewal pushes every beat in his own unique style.

Gippy Grewal has released many solo albums like “Flower”, “Daang”, “Hathiyar”, “Chakk Lai”, “Nasha”, “Aaja Ve Mittra”, “Phulkari” and “Phulkari 2 Just Hits” Countdowns @ Top Place. And the “Phulkari” song become favorite to every bhangra lover and Punjabi DJ’s across the globe. The “Phulkari” Track becomes one of the biggest hit of 2004-05. The highly acclaimed track got played in every car, every club, every party, every wedding, across everywhere. So the Punjabi Bhangra fans, critics, composers use to call “Phulkari” track the Monster Track.

This time Gippy Grewal is the favorite artist of young generation of Punjab. His big helping hands his brother “Sippy Grewal”. The upcoming efforts of Gippy Grewal have been set to repeat the history.

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